Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cloudo, A Cloud-based Computer

As I was poking around this week, looking for the coolest cloud apps, I came across one that has the potential to really change things.  That app is Cloudo.

This is truly where cloud-based computing is going.  Take a look at this screenshot;

Looks like a computer desktop, right?  Believe it or not, it's running in my browser window.

Now, before you go gettin' all excited, Cloudo has some pretty limited functionality right now.  There are only a couple of beta apps for word processing, calendar, and a couple of widgets for weather and slideshows.  It has been opened to developers and I'm sure there are nerds everywhere banging away at code right now.

I write about this, not because services like Cloudo are ready for mainstream, but because it truly represents the power of cloud-based computing.  This has huge applications in remote/virtual workforce and would save companies millions of dollars in expensive hardware once apps like Cloudo (and there will be others) are ready for prime-time. 

This is similar to what Google is doing with its Chromebooks, the main difference being, of course, you could run Cloudo from any computer. 

Heck, you could probably run it from your Chromebook. :-)

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  1. hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)