Saturday, January 21, 2012

Road Warrior App

I don't have to travel that often, but it just so happens that I had to this week so I get to include this in my experiment.

In my road warrior days, I became addicted to a cloud based itinerary management tool called TripIt.  Here's how it works.

Once you set up your free account, send an email containing your itinerary (typically contains confirmation numbers or record locators and is generated by the travel provider) from your registered email address to "".  An itinerary is generated and syncs to your smartphone.  There are Android and iOS versions available.

If you give TripIt's automated service access to your email account, you don't have to send anything to TripIt as long as the travel provider notifications come to that email address.  TripIt will automagically recognize the travel information and generate the itinerary and sync to your smartphone.  There's no need to carry all that paper through the airport.

I wasn't able to find any alternatives to TripIt.  If you're a road warrior, give TripIt a shot.  You really can't appreciate how useful this is until you try it.

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